Catalytic Converter Do’s & Don’ts:

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8 Feb 2016

Catalytic Converter Do’s & Don’ts:

Things to consider once your Catalytic Converter has been replaced with a new Zetti Emissions component.

• It is highly recommended that you use high octane fuel, for example 95 or 98 Octane and avoid Ethanol blended fuels. Ethanol blended fuels severely decrease Catalytic Converter efficiency & life span.

• If your vehicles Catalytic Converter was replaced due to an Check Engine Light issue, (usually the P0420 fault code) it is highly recommended that you also have further checks completed by your chosen mechanical workshop to ensure your vehicle does not have additional non-Catalytic Converter related faults.


• If you experience any further issues with the Check Engine Light illumination after replacement of a Catalytic Converter, please make your exhaust specialist aware immediately as continued driving of the vehicle may lead to further Catalytic Converter or other mechanical issues.

• Continuing to keep your vehicle properly maintained, for example replacing air and fuel filters and choosing the correct oil for your vehicle is also critical to Catalytic Converter efficiency and in turn life span.


Thank you for choosing a Zetti Emissions replacement part on your vehicle. If you have any further questions, please contact your exhaust specialist today.


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